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When considering where to pursue your education, there are many questions and choices that must be considered.  How much time will this take?  Can I afford the cost of going to school? Is God truly calling me to school?  Does the school I plan to attend fit with the call of God on my life?

Bible Enrichment School of Theology has unique benefits to help answer those questions:


As a prophetic, Spirit-filled evangelical community of higher education, the Bible Enrichement School of Theology is dedicated to the preparation of men and women for effective leadership and Christ-like servant hood. We are committed to developing students with a personal knowledge of God and His work in the world in order to equip them for the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the expansion of His church.


The Bible Enrichment School of Theology offers an introductory and advanced level of course study in the core concepts and fundamentals of the Christian faith that highlights education with practical ministry experience in local churches.  Bible Enrichment School of Theology is partnered with Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church under the leadership of Dr. Apostle Beverly Crawford here in the community of Inglewood California. Additionally, the Bible Enrichment School of Theology offers an intensive 18 month curriculum designed primarily for students seeking theological degrees.  Bible Enrichment School of Theology graduates can pursue higher education through partners associated with major seminaries for further Bachelors and Masters studies.


Bible Enrichment School of Theology offers a unique tuition structure that is an outstanding value for the community it serves which makes a theological education affordable, comfortable, and flexible as it adds value to christian education.


Bible Enrichment School of Theology offers a fixed schedule that allows students to plan work and family time around their studies.  Bible Enrichment School of Theology also offers Comprehensive Study Skills classes to rebuild, strengthen, and equip students who may need additional support with their academic journey.

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