Bible Enrichment School of Theology offers an intensive eighteen month curriculum consisting of two years of study bringing progressive understanding to the scriptures without deviating from biblical doctrine.  Specifically designed for those seeking to further their education to the degree level, or for those who just seek to gain a stronger working knowledge of scripture, our purpose is to develop this knowledge base and leadership skills of pastors, staff, and other leaders in the local church, so that men and women are better equipped to balance Christian education with their professional and private lives. Therefore, there are two levels of academics that our students can achieve:


A level one student is considered a freshman and has not been part of the Bible Enrichment School of Theology prior, or has had to re-start the program due to not completing this level from a previous enrollment. This student will have to earn a total of 36 total hours with a competent GPA of 2.0 or better to be promoted to level two.


Bible Enrichment School of Theology's Associate in Christian Ministry offers its students the opportunity to have a greater promise of advancing their education to a bachelor's level and beyond. Our curriculum has been carefully designed to integrate character development and integrity and is a balanced learning community with an emphasis on academic excellence, spiritual formation, and social involvement for all believers. Degree seeking students must completed and earn a total of 72 hours (units) with a competent GPA of 2.0 or better. The student is then ready to be considered for bachelors study at our partner accredited bridge degree program.


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