Dr. Marie Hudson

Dr. Marie  Hudson

Minister Marie Hudson was born in Guyana, South America, the only child for her parents.  From a young age, she has traveled to various parts of the world and has lived on 3 continents.  Her travels exposed her to various echelons of diverse cultures; however, it was the indigent and less fortunate that captured her heart.  A proclaimed leader by others, Minister Marie has always shunned the spotlight, opting for supportive roles.  Apart from ministerial functions listed below, Marie has assisted a number of ministries in areas of service to include counsel, exhortation, armor-bearing and administration.


Minister Marie is a certified Conflict Resolution Mediator. She received her formal ministry training while attending BCBC and LISOM schools of ministry as well as being a graduate of Facultad de Teologia where she earned a Bachelor's in Christian Ministry degree and is an adjunct teacher.  She also attended Azusa Pacific Seminary where she received her Masters of Divinity degree and Doctor of Ministry.  Minister Marie wrote her thesis on "Resurrection Phoenix: A Model for Recovery of a Black Social Consciousness" which imposes an indictment against the Black Church to rise from its slumber of complacency with the status quo, champion the cause of the oppressed and fulfill God's mandate to reign in the earth realm. She is a Licensed Minister at Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church and teaches at the school of theology under the leadership of Apostle Beverly "BAM" Crawford in the city of Inglewood.

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